Indian tour guide salary: $1,000 per month

Indian tour guides are the bread and butter of any tourism business.

Their salaries range from $1.25 lakh to $1 million a year depending on their expertise and experience.

According to a recent report by Indian Travel Marketing Association (ITMA), an industry body, Indian tour operators are earning an average of $1 per hour from their job.

It is worth mentioning that the Indian tour industry employs many thousands of people in the country.

While salaries in the Indian industry are usually based on their experience, this can vary considerably.

While a tour guide’s salary can vary between Rs 1,000 to Rs 1.5 lakh per month, there are many factors which impact the salaries of Indian tour managers.

Among them, the duration of their career is also crucial.

India is home to the highest number of tour operators in the world.

The International Tourism Association (TIA), a global body representing the world’s tour operators, reports that the number of Indian travel guides is expected to reach over 20 million by 2025.

The number of guides worldwide is expected surpass 100 million by 2022.

According the TIA, Indian travel guide salaries can range from Rs 1 to Rs 10 lakh per year depending upon the experience and expertise of the guides.

According TIA’s latest salary survey, Indian tours are one of the top 10 most popular tourist destinations in the Middle East and Asia.

For a guide with the right qualifications, salaries can be well over Rs 5 lakh per week.

With these salaries, it is easy to see why Indian tour companies are making a lot of money.

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