Tuscany’s biggest theme park is to open in 2019

Tuscans pride in its coastal location means that the town has a rich history of tourism.

While tourism in Tuscana is still in its infancy, the town of Lino Bautista is the second largest tourist destination in the country, and has hosted over 10 million tourists since it opened its doors in 2003. 

Despite this, it is also one of the least visited tourist destinations in Italy.

The town has had a long history of hosting large scale festivals, concerts and other events, but in recent years its main attraction has been the Tuscan Tango festival, which runs from June to October.

The festival, a large-scale musical event featuring local musicians and singers, has attracted an audience of over 12 million tourists annually, and the festival organisers are currently looking for ways to expand the theme park.

The festival has already hosted over 20,000 performances in 2017, with an additional 3,000 scheduled for 2018.

The new theme park, which will open on July 17, will be the first of its kind in the region and will be a new addition to the town.

The new theme will have a capacity of over 8,000 people and will consist of a small amphitheatre, two stages and a large amphitheater with a capacity for 2,000 spectators.

It will also feature a swimming pool, a spa, a cinema and a restaurant.

According to local media reports, the park is being funded by the state of Tuscania, but a release from the festival’s organisers has been very vague about its exact location.

The Tuscani government is looking for an additional 5,000 hotel rooms to accommodate the influx of tourists.

In addition to a hotel, there are also plans to create a community centre and a small entertainment venue.

The theme park will be located in a residential area of Linares, which is near the city of Catania.

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