Ecotourists make $1M per year as they help boost tourism income: report

Mashable, the business news site that focuses on sustainable and inclusive communities, reports that ecotoursists in Costa Rica have made $1 million per year, with the majority of the money going to pay for rent and food.

The study found that 80 percent of the work done by ecotouringists in the country comes from outside the country, with more than a third of the income coming from abroad.

According to the study, a majority of workers make between $500 and $1,000 per year.

Ecotouringism is considered a “social enterprise,” which means it is aimed at supporting the social welfare of its workers and supporting local businesses.

The work of ecoturists is often carried out by women, as they often work as housekeepers, cleaners and other domestic workers, with many working in low-income neighborhoods.

The women often live in sub-standard housing and are paid less than the men.

However, the study also found that some of the men who work in the sector earn more than $1.2 million per annum.

One woman, María de la Vega, has been working as a housekeeper in the Costa Rican capital of San José since 2009, and she earned $2,500 per month in wages and benefits.

She told Mashable that her salary is far less than what she was earning as a maid in the U.S.

The woman told Mashables that her income is significantly less than that of other housekeepers because she was paid less because she is a woman and cannot get pregnant.

She also explained that she has struggled to make ends meet as a result of her work.

“The salary is not enough to make me stay home, so I have to go out and work,” she said.

“There are no jobs, so my income is much lower than that in the States.”

While some workers are paid below minimum wage, the majority make at least $2 per day.

Many workers earn more as they have a social responsibility and are supported by others.

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