10 ways to spend your summer in India

Indian tourists to the UK are spending more money at hotels than ever before, but the country’s tourist industry is struggling to attract and retain new talent.

Read moreThe tourism industry in India is struggling.

According to the Ministry of Tourism, tourism in India rose by 0.8% in the fiscal year ending March 2017, but this number only represents a tiny fraction of India’s GDP, which is $10 trillion.

The Indian government has been scrambling to find new ways to attract tourists to India, particularly from abroad.

In recent years, it has started offering discounts on the cheapest hotels and resorts in India.

But many hotels in India remain far more expensive than what tourists can find in the UK, and this is having an impact on the industry.

The British government is considering a scheme that would offer discounts for people visiting India for just 1,500 rupees ($20).

The idea is to encourage people to visit India because the government wants to attract foreign tourists to its own country.

But a recent survey by the government’s tourism bureau showed that only 15% of tourists visiting India in 2018 wanted to spend more than 500 rupees per person, and only 1% of the tourists had plans to spend at least 500 rupee.

The British government says it has not been able to get a reliable answer on the scale of the shortage in hotels and is exploring the possibility of setting up a similar scheme in India, but India’s Tourism Ministry says that it cannot do so without getting proper numbers.

The lack of information on the shortage of hotels in Indian towns has led many tourists to stay in India in their own homes rather than staying in hotels.

According to the International Tourism Development Association (ITDA), the UK had the third highest number of international tourism arrivals in India at 7,977 in 2017, and India was second at 723.

The UK, meanwhile, has more than 2.2 million international tourists.

The ITDA says that the shortage has affected India’s tourism sector, which includes hotels, restaurants, tour operators and accommodation companies.

It also said that there were a lot of people in India who were spending more than they were entitled to in the form of hotel bills, and that this could have an impact for the country.

While it is not clear how much this issue will affect the Indian tourism industry, some have suggested that there is a problem with the economy in India and the government should take action.

In response, a government official said that the government has already invested a lot in developing tourism infrastructure in India so that it will attract more tourists.

But the official did not say whether this will translate into increased business.

He also did not mention that there are a lot more people in the country than there are rooms in hotels, but he did say that there was a problem in the sector.

A government official in the ministry said that it is up to the tourism minister to decide whether the government will invest in increasing the number of rooms in the hotels.

The government will also need to determine whether the hotels are worth the investment.

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