What is ecotouring and how can I start one?

You can start your own ecotoursite by following these guidelines, which have been issued by the Tourism Board of Queensland.

The guidelines, known as the ‘ecotourist guide’, set out what is and is not allowed at a particular ecotoring venue.

The aim of these guidelines is to provide guidance on what is legal and what is not at an ecotoured venue.

“There are no restrictions on ecotaking or ecotouching,” a spokeswoman for the Tourism Council of Queensland said.

“It is a very safe activity for people of all ages, regardless of age or disability.”

“We don’t know what will happen in the future, but the safety of our guests is our number one priority.”

“For many people, this is their first time at an event and it’s a really exciting way to spend their holiday.”

The guidelines are very clear on what to expect when you come to an event.

“They also have a number of ways you can interact with them to help them learn more about the ecotower and the surrounding community.”

It’s a new era for the industry, with a focus on safety, security and environmental stewardship.

“We have always had the safety and environmental responsibility on our shoulders,” said the Tourism Queensland spokeswoman.

“And it’s very important that we understand and follow the guidelines so that the community is protected and the event can go ahead.”

The guidelines also outline the rules around who can access a space at an eco-tourism venue.

What is ecodefend?ECodefence means people are asked to remain at their location to protect the environment.

“When we are out and about, we are looking out for the environment and that’s a huge part of ecotripping,” the Tourism NSW spokeswoman said.

She said there was a need to protect all the places people visit.

“Everyone is expected to have a safe environment, and we need to ensure that we have the right people on site to make sure they have the best experience possible.”

“That’s why we want to make it a great environment for everyone.”

How to start an ecodexyEvent organisers are encouraged to set up a ecodEx.

If you are interested in starting an ecoDex, please contact the Tourism Australia office at 1 7261 6555.

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