Why Ecotourists Are Worth It

By now, you’ve probably heard about the new ECTO eco tourism certification program that aims to promote ecotouring as a viable and sustainable form of tourism in Kyrgyzistan.

The program was launched in late September and has been touted by some as the most progressive environmental certification program ever put forward by a government agency.

The certification program is aimed at protecting and promoting tourism as a sustainable, environmentally friendly and economically viable mode of tourism.

The program aims to help Kyrgyzes realize their dream of becoming a part of the international tourism industry, which is already one of the largest in the world.

Kyrgyzan government is working on a new initiative to help bring more tourists to the country, including the development of a tourism department that would help facilitate the growth of tourism, and the creation of ecotsourism courses in schools to promote the tourism industry.

The program is designed to make the country’s tourism industry more attractive to foreign tourists and tourists from other countries, as well as boost economic growth, according to the Kyrgyzik tourism ministry.

Kyrgyzan has been struggling to attract foreign tourists since the country experienced the worst natural disaster of the 20th century.

The country suffered severe flooding during the recent flood, which killed over 10,000 people, as a result of which nearly one third of the population was left without shelter.

The country has been looking for a way to boost tourism in the wake of the disaster, but has failed to develop a comprehensive strategy to support tourism.

Since the outbreak of the drought, the country has struggled to provide water and sanitation facilities for tourists.

Tourism was only partially compensated with the help of government and private funds, however, the government has not provided sufficient support to local NGOs, according the ministry.

The government has been unable to provide funding for the development and expansion of tourism projects, and it has been facing difficulties in securing funds to finance projects, according Kyrgyza Tourism Minister Aslan Azarov.

The government has only a limited amount of funds to support local development projects, including water and sewerage, and tourism has been one of these areas, according Azarov, who added that Kyrgyzhstan needed a comprehensive program to support the development.

Ecotourism is a sustainable tourism mode of travel that does not rely on foreign investment, according a report from the European Council on Foreign Relations.

The report, released in December 2017, highlighted the many opportunities that the tourism sector offers, including local economies that support local tourism, sustainable communities and a diverse mix of nationalities and ethnicities that make it an attractive and appealing option for tourists to visit.

According to the report, Kyrgyzyans are the third-largest exporter of tourism to the European Union (EU) after Italy and Germany, but the country is struggling to find sustainable tourism solutions in the face of climate change, land degradation, and water scarcity.

The lack of support for sustainable tourism has left Kyrgyzians with few options, especially for businesses that are unable to meet the demands of the burgeoning tourist industry.

The ECTOs certification program has also been criticized for failing to provide financial assistance to the government.

The certification program requires the government to invest more in infrastructure and tourism development.

As the country continues to experience the effects of climate and flooding, the certification program needs to focus on the economic development of tourism and create employment opportunities for the country as well, according ECTo-Kyrgies Tourism Minister.

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