Switzerland has launched an online auction for ‘Thekkady’ – an ‘ecotouring’ company

Switzerland’s largest tourism agency has launched a bid to collect signatures from around 50,000 Ecotourists, to help launch a new online auction.

Thekkades is an ecotouring company that specializes in travelling around the world.

The agency says the auction will be open to anyone who is interested in travelling and living in Switzerland.

The bidding for the auction has been open for three months and the agency says it is expecting around 50 people to submit bids.

It has also launched a ‘voting period’ to encourage the public to vote on the bidding process.

“Switzerland is an ideal country to live and travel abroad, as its climate is warm and humid and it has a very friendly attitude towards foreigners,” it said.

“Thekkadys vision is to build an Ecotouring Network which allows people to explore and live in the country of their choice.”

Thekkade currently operates in the Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, Spain, Austria and Poland.

Switzerland has the highest number of Ecotours in the world at 1.6 million, according to the Ecotravel website.

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