How to get an Ecotourist visa in South Australia

Posted November 30, 2018 07:00:56South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill has announced that the government will allow foreign tourism operators to bring in up to two foreign workers to work in tourism areas of South Australia.

In a statement released late on Tuesday, Mr Weatherill said the government had identified a number of areas in South Australian tourism where foreign workers could be employed.

“We have identified some areas that we feel could be a suitable location for foreign labour to undertake a short-term project,” he said.

“While we cannot allow these individuals to return to the region and then be back in Australia to work, we will allow the use of temporary foreign workers as a temporary solution.”

This is the right thing to do for our tourism industry and our economy.

“Mr Weatherill’s announcement came after a number travel agents said they were planning to bring on foreign workers for up to three months to work on projects in South West Australia.

Mr Weatheril said the number of workers could range from two to five people and the jobs would be for a number to be fixed in the future.”

For now, we’re looking at three to five months to provide some stability to the industry and to ensure that we’re not sending a message to our tourism community that there’s a shortage of foreign workers in South-West Australia,” he told ABC Radio Adelaide.”

The reality is that there are a lot of tourists in South Wales who are staying here and coming to South Australia for the weekend, and they’re working in hotels, and so they’re not coming back.

“They’re going to come back to South Wales to work or they’re going home to the country.”

Mr Raines said South Australian business leaders were being encouraged to look at the potential of foreign labour in tourism.

“It’s a wonderful opportunity for businesses, for people, to work with Australian workers, but I think the most important thing is that South Australia continues to attract a large number of foreign visitors and that we have a vibrant and growing local economy,” he added.

The South Australian Government said it was “looking at all opportunities” for foreign workers.

“Foreign workers can come to South Australian industries to provide work for our people, support our communities and local industries, and to work as temporary foreign worker in the tourism industry,” Tourism Minister Michael O’Connor said in a statement.

“There is no need to be concerned about the current number of temporary overseas workers that are employed in South Africa, and we welcome any suggestion that there may be some changes in the industry or the government’s position.”

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