What’s the biggest thing about traveling the world?

Ecotourist bhutys shuttle has been on the market for some time, but its arrival has been delayed.

The bhuti shuttle, which was expected to hit the market late last year, was delayed due to poor demand, the airline said on its website.

Bhuti is an e-commerce company based in Bhutan, where it’s a subsidiary of Bhutan Airlines.

The bhuta shuttle is the airline’s first full-fledged passenger service.

“We are very excited to offer this new e-transportation service to the Bhutanese community, and are committed to making it the best in the world,” the airline wrote.

The new bhuto shuttle will include a standard seat, a standard laptop and a mini-table.

The company said it will also offer its own mini-fridge.

The shuttle is one of several new services launched this year by Bhutan Airways.

It launched a second route last year to allow travelers to explore the country’s national parks, but it also opened a second airport in the country.

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