Ecotourists to visit Cyprus next year

The Cyprus Tourism Authority (CTA) has announced that travellers will be able to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Cyprus from next year, as the island has set out a comprehensive plan to ensure it attracts tourists.

A new tourism plan for Cyprus was unveiled on Wednesday which is aimed at improving the safety of travellers and ensuring they are able to stay in Cyprus while visiting the island.

In order to achieve this, the CTA has proposed a number of measures, including better training and awareness programmes and the implementation of measures to reduce the impact of the weather.

This year’s plan is a response to the fact that the island of Cyprus is one of the few countries in the world that has not managed to enjoy its tourist season as it should.

Cyprus was in the headlines earlier this year for its high temperatures, with temperatures reaching 30C in the capital Nicosia.

In December last year, the island experienced its hottest July on record with the mercury hitting 35C on July 17.

The high temperature had a direct impact on the health of the tourists.

According to the CTAA, the country is in a state of emergency as the climate can only be improved by a strong and sustainable tourism programme.

This is because tourism is the third-largest industry in Cyprus and the island is a tourist destination that generates more than €4bn (£2.6bn) annually.

The CTA also proposed to raise awareness of the dangers of air pollution, and to introduce measures to curb the impact on local communities.

Accordingly, the agency announced that the plan will be implemented by the end of 2018.

The plan includes measures to improve air quality in Nicosian hotels, including the creation of a ‘air quality zone’, which will be set up to reduce pollution.

It will also be implemented through the implementation and monitoring of measures aimed at reducing the impact and effects of the heat.

The island has also announced plans to introduce a number the country’s national parks, and also to increase the number of parks that can be visited in a year.

The plans include a plan to raise the number and quality of local parks and nature reserves to allow them to become a hub of tourism.

The agency has also proposed a new theme park for the islands natural beauty.

Accordingto the CTAs plan, the government will set aside a portion of tourism revenue to support a variety of projects that are supported by the CTI.

These include the creation and construction of new tourist attractions, such as the Ecyhre Park and the new National Garden, which will create an environment for people to relax and reconnect with nature.

Cybercafé will also operate a new website, which includes a range of information about the countrys new tourism and nature parks.

Cypriot Prime Minister Nicos Anastasiades has already announced that tourism will be a priority for the island in the future.

“Cyprus is a beautiful island and I believe tourism will play an important role in attracting people to the island,” he said.

“The island is in need of more tourism.

I believe that the tourism programme will be good for tourism and we will be working on the development of a tourist tourism plan.”

Tourism is estimated to generate €4.3bn (£3.6billion) annually for the country.

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