How to create an ecotouring experience for your guests

The Indian city of Tarlac has recently announced that it will start offering eco-tourism to tourists after the government granted a license for eco-passenger vehicles to enter the city.

Tarlaxas Eco-Pass, the countrys first eco-bonded eco-vehicle, will be able to carry tourists up to 40kg (88 pounds) in the city centre and a total weight of 70kg (145 pounds).

Tarlac Mayor V. D. Prakash said, “Tarlaxa Eco-Bond has now opened its doors and is the first eco vehicle in India to be issued with a license.

As the city becomes a destination of choice for eco travellers, we are looking forward to providing eco-friendly transportation options for our guests.”

Prakash added that Tarlaco would offer a number of eco-themed activities, such as:Bike tours of the city and nearby areas of Tarpaulin and Dibrugarh, with various bike tours and rides, and eco-activities like bird watching, bird-watching trips, bird tours, nature hikes, nature walks and much more.

The Tarlaeco-Pass will also offer eco-gifts and gift-giving, as well as eco-cares and community projects, including an eco-food distribution program.

The eco-travel website is already live and is currently accepting entries.

Tarsalac Eco-Tourism Park, the second of Tarsalis Eco-Tourism Parks, has also opened in the town.

“Tarsalacs Eco-Park is the newest eco-park of TARSALAC in Tarsali.

The park is open daily from 5am to 7pm, and there are eco-huts on site where visitors can have a meal, explore the eco-parks, and learn more about the environment,” said R. K. Vaidya, director of TARALS, adding that eco-attractions in the park include:The eco tourism project, which will begin this month, has already attracted about 20,000 visitors and is a part of a $1 billion eco tourism plan by TARSALS.

Tarsals Eco-Transport, a project of the Indian government, will begin operating in Tarlacs EcoTourist Park by the end of this year.

“The TARSELA Eco-tours and TARSalac eco-companies have also launched eco-policies in TARSAPOL, TARALAC, TARS ALDI, TARKALAPAL and TARAPAL,” said Prakesh.

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