How to get a holiday visa in Cambodia

Two people are in their 20s, one in his 30s and one in her 60s.

They want to go to Europe to see the sights, to spend some time with their families and to enjoy a holiday with their friends.

The pair arrived at the International Hotel in Cambodia’s capital Phnom Penh a few weeks ago and are waiting for the right visa.

Their visas will be approved in about five weeks.

They’re all in their early 30s.

Their names are all spelled backwards and have a British accent.

The last names are spelled the same as their first names.

They have no idea what they’re looking for when they arrive in Europe.

Their hotel manager, who didn’t want to be named, says they’ll have to fill out a form on a computer and pay an additional fee.

The tourist visa application processThe visa process starts with an online application.

You can check the status of your application online.

Once you’ve applied, you’ll be asked to fill in a form to fill-in the details of the visit.

If the visa is approved, it’s valid for up to one year.

The tourists are supposed to arrive in the city of Phnom Anh Ngan at least once a month, but the majority of them come in January and February.

The people in the group, who call themselves the “Ecotourism Ecotourists,” are looking to visit Cambodia’s northern region of Van Province, which is home to Van province.

They all say they’re going to Europe in the summer and hope to visit the British Isles for a month.

They were originally planning to visit Paris, Brussels and Copenhagen.

The first destination they’re hoping to visit is France.

The group has been waiting for months for a visa.

After their application was approved, the visa was granted, and they’re waiting for it to be confirmed.

The process of finding a visaThe two men say they’ve already spent three months waiting.

They arrived at their hotel and got their passports stamped on Jan. 28.

The visa application forms will be sent out in the coming weeks.

The two visitors had their passport stamped in their hotel room.

They have been travelling in the same car for about a month and have been trying to find a place to stay, they said.

The hotel manager says the tourists are hoping to stay for about five months.

They are looking for a place in a large town called Voung Vou and are hoping for a hotel to stay.

They’re also hoping to be able to buy a place for their families.

If approved, they’ll travel to Europe on Jan 18.

The group is also hoping that they’ll be able visit the islands of Van, Van Province and Van.

They don’t want their group to leave Cambodia, they say.

But the tourists aren’t entirely happy.

They feel they’re being taken advantage of.

They want to see a different side of the worldThey are worried about getting arrestedWhile they’re in Europe, they are concerned about getting caught and charged with a crime, they told the Associated Press.

They say they were trying to avoid police, but were turned away at the border.

The hotel manager said the police officers were very friendly and that they helped them get a visa when they arrived in Cambodia.

They also say they weren’t given a place on a flight, which was their plan for the trip.

They don’t plan to return home anytime soon, they want to visit another countryThey are planning to stay at a hotel in Phnom Tuk, the same place where they originally planned to stay the previous year, the hotel manager told AP.

The next day, they will take a flight to Cambodia.

They plan to fly back to Thailand and then to Europe.

They’ll probably get a job or they will go back to their home countriesThe group is hoping to make their mark at the British IslandsOne of the group’s two members, who only wants to be identified by his first name, says he wants to travel around Europe for a year.

He says they are planning a trip to Van Province to visit Van province and Vouge province.

He said they are also planning to explore other parts of Van province, including Vougne province.

The other tourist is planning to travel to Vougan province and the rest of Van.

He plans to visit a restaurant and take photos of the scenery.

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