Cambodia’s national tourism agency launches new site for ‘ecotouring’ tourism

The Cambodia National Tourism Organization has announced it will open a new “ecotours tourism” park in Bau Kok, in the western province of Kachin, in 2020.

The park will be located at the foot of the Phnom Penh River in the region of Kratie.

The agency said the new “epcotourism park” will be built to cater to “the new generation of ecotours lovers,” who will also be able to “discover nature in a way that is ecologically sustainable, environmentally friendly, environmentally responsible and ecologically healthy.”

“The ecotouring is the new generation, the ecotoured are people who are discovering nature in the way that we can, which is environmentally sustainable, ecologically friendly, ecologially responsible and environmentally healthy,” BNTO spokesperson Siyasan said.

“This is a very exciting opportunity for the Cambodian people to discover the natural beauty of the region, and to do it with a sense of pride.”

The announcement comes less than a week after the Cambodia National Parks and Nature Conservation Authority announced that it would begin the construction of a new park in Phnom Teoc, the country’s capital city.

The parks authority, which will be called the National Parks & Nature Conservation Agency (NPNCA), is set to open the new park, which it will call the Bau Khong National Park, in 2018.

It plans to begin construction in 2020 and open the park by 2020.

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