Why is Australia the world’s happiest country?

Most people think of Australia as a country that has the world-leading climate, food and health care systems.

But is the country really the happiest place in the world?

In a new survey by Google, the search giant asked Australians what they would like to see happen to their country.

It found that the country was the only one in the survey where people felt they had no control over their environment.

“We were the only country where it wasn’t a question of, ‘Oh, it’s going to be bad for me’,” said Tom Furlong, senior research scientist at Google.

“It was, ‘What would you like to happen?'”

What would be great is that we would actually be able to say to the people, ‘We’re going to take responsibility, we’re going do something about it.'””

If people have the confidence to say, ‘Well, I’m going to do something, and we’re not going to let anybody else do it, I mean, it is our responsibility,'” Mr Furlang said.”

That would be really great.

“The survey also found that Australia was one of the happiest countries in the developed world.”

If you take the global happiness index and you look at countries that have been around for a while, it doesn’t surprise us that Australia is in the top five,” Mr Frelong said.

But despite the good news, the happiness survey found that people felt a bit of a pinch on top of the happiness.”

The big thing is people are very happy and they’re happy to be in a good place, but there are also some problems, including some challenges that they have to deal with,” Mr Denniston said.

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