Ecotourist in England: a guide

The Ecotours Academy’s website says: ‘We teach ecotouring in the UK through the Ecotouring Centre of Excellence.

Our focus is on learning about the different types of people who love the outdoors, the amazing and unique things that nature can bring and how to share it.’

It’s not clear whether the ecotours academy is affiliated with the Ecoto, a national network of ecoturists and environmentalists, or the Ecosphere Alliance, a trade group of ecologists.

The organisation’s director, Laura Anderson, said the organisation was ‘deeply committed to a sustainable environment and ecoturbine-based sustainable development.’

We are a not-for-profit organisation that works with local communities and supports them to tackle their issues through education, advocacy and advocacy.’

But it was unclear if the academy was affiliated with either of the two organisations.

In a statement to RTE, Ecoto UK said it was ‘extremely grateful’ to the Ecota Foundation for their ‘wonderful support’ in promoting ecotubing.

But it said the Ecora Foundation ‘has not yet been invited to any meetings’ and that ‘we will not accept any further funding from Ecota until we are fully accepted by them as an organisation and as a UK based organisation’.

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