How does the social ecotouring industry benefit the environment?

A new social ecodrive business in Melbourne’s north-east could be a game changer in the fight against climate change.

The company is the brainchild of the CEO of social ecodsystems, David Gavaris.

Mr Gavares told the ABC’s AM program the company was looking to provide an eco-friendly alternative to hotels and restaurants that have traditionally offered only a limited number of options to guests.

“Our concept is we’re not the ones who own the place,” he said.

“We’re the people who live here and we want to make sure that our guests feel comfortable, that our food is safe, and that our hospitality is a bit more modern and contemporary.”

Social ecodusters, which have a range of businesses including the local branch of the Australian Food Council, the Australian Council for Scientific and Industrial Research and the Natural Resources Defence Council, offer eco-tourism packages for groups of up to 15 people, as well as the option of paying for the experience on your own.

In Melbourne’s inner west, social ecodesystems operates its own small eco-camp, but has been trying to establish a foothold in the market.

“It’s really difficult to find any other options for people who are looking for that kind of eco-friendliness,” Mr Gavars said.’

We really want to put a lot of effort into it’Mr Gvartson said he was “very excited” to launch the new business.

“I’m really excited about it because I think it’s really exciting to see the opportunity for the tourism industry to change,” he told AM.

“There are a lot more options out there for people to choose from.”

The social ecode-makers hope to offer a different experience, offering a variety of eco friendly options.

The first three months of business are a huge learning curve for Mr Gvartons team, with the first group of 20 guests expected to arrive in December.

“They’re going to have to take on a lot on their own,” he explained.

“In the beginning we were just getting a bit of an idea of how they were going to interact with it.”‘

They’re really looking forward to the journey’Mr Vavartson also said he hoped the company could also be a catalyst for people in his community to choose an environmentally friendly option for their holiday.

“The social ecology business is really about the people themselves, it’s about getting to know your guests, it is about being able to have a dialogue with them and to know what they want,” he added.

“Hopefully, we can get people to want to spend their holidays with us, we really want them to spend holidays with their friends.”

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