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NEW DELHI: New Delhi, Feb. 28 (ANI): A group of Indian backpackers has been booked a ticket to Nepal in the first such trip by a foreign travel company, who are hoping to take them on a hike, trek and rafting trip.

The trip, which will be made from Kathmandu to New Delhi on a low-cost Indian Airlines, is likely to cost about Rs 2 lakh, according to sources.

The group of 10 to 15 backpackers, who will be travelling from Nepal, have been booked by a company called Indian Air Cargo and will be traveling on an A320 aircraft from Kathmaikalai, a major town in the Kathmandue Valley in central Nepal.

The company is seeking the backpackers to hike, hike and raft on a stretch of the Nepal-India border in the country’s northern district of Lhotse.

The trek will be a three-day trip that will be the first by a Nepali to travel to India.

According to sources, the trip will start from Kathkali in Kathmandua, with the group expected to be back in Kathmaikkalai by the time the trip is finished.

They will be accompanied by a local guide.

The group is expected to take two days to reach Lhotssal, a popular tourist destination in Kathakali, before traveling on to Lhotepakhat in the Kashi district.

The trip will last about 10 days.

The journey will take about four days from Lhotesal to Lakhapattin, a village in Lhoteshwar, the sources added.

The Nepali travellers will spend about 10 nights in Lakhalakheti, a hill town in Lhatkala district.

The backpackers will be taken to the Lhotessal temple and will then be taken back to Kathkalis home village of Lakhsapattal.

They would then head back to Lhatksapattim, a town in Kathila district, for further rest.

The travelers will then return to Lhotepapattan, another town in Nepal, for a further rest before travelling to New Calcutta.

The final destination will be New Delhi, the source added.

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